There are currently 14 alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations throughout the building. 


We have increased the frequency of cleaning high-touch points.  Our cleaning products adhere to the U.S. EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Policy regarding cleaning disinfectants effective against Coronavirus.

We are regularly disinfecting all microphones that we provide.


Our staff is exercising proper hygiene by washing hands and using hand sanitizer before and after performing cleaning tasks.  In addition, our employees have been trained on proper social distancing guidelines and safety. We are taking measures to ensure that employees working in the building, including Messina’s Catering are free of COVID-19 symptoms.


We have added friendly signage in our bathrooms, reminding attendees to wash their hands. We will have floor decals that will be placed in elevators and other locations to identify proper social distancing. Signage has been added throughout the building, to remind attendees of proper hygiene and ways to reduce the spread of germs.


Our bathrooms feature touchless products that are operated by sensors.


Guests are not required but encouraged to properly wear a facemask at all times when in the facility.
All face coverings should:

  • Fully cover the nose and mouth of guest
  • Fit correctly and not be loose around the sides
  • Be secured to the guest's face and allow for the guest to remain hands free

 – The Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center continues to closely monitor the latest developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) globally and any potential impact it may have on our day-to-day operations.   In response to growing awareness and concern, the Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center continues to follow the precautionary guidelines of the CDC and other public health organizations.

Providing a safe environment for our clients, visitors, guests and staff is our top priority.  Through public health organizations such as, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) we are staying abreast of the latest updates and developments as they occur.  We are also in close communication with our local public health and government officials to determine what additional safeguards may need to be implemented. 
This is an evolving situation, and rest assured that any actions we take will be consistent with guidelines from these agencies.  Please continue to visit our website to learn of any changes to the event schedule as they become available.